How to Make Instagrammable Frozen Fruits

You’ve seen them on Instagram, decorating beautiful smoothie bowls, and probably have wondered, how do people get that perfect, frosty look on their fruits?

Well, it’s not easy art, and in most cases, the final look depends a lot on the photo editing. But don´t worry! If you’re dreaming of how to make these pretty frozen berries, we’re sharing with you our tips!


The choice of fruits is really important in this process! Here are some things to consider:

  • Buy the fresh fruits and freeze them yourself.
  • Don't use frozen fruits from the store as the end result will be different.
  • Always pick fresh and nice looking fruits (not damaged, mashed, etc.)

Dry fruit is the key!
  • Make sure your fruits are dry before you put them into the freezer. If you need to wash the fruits, let them dry completely before freezing.
  • Use a small container and freeze your fruits in it.
  • Freeze your fruits at least 2 to 3 hours before use.
After Freezing

Your fruits will be pretty frosty for only a few minutes after taking it from the freezer. Timing is of the essence!
  • Remember: don´t touch frozen fruits with your fingers! It will leave fingerprints/marks on the fruits.
  • To handle the fruits, use the tweezer instead to place them on top of your smoothie or dessert.
  • Be quick with everything, if you want to use your fruits for decorating and take some photos!
Photo Editing

After taking pictures, there is just only one step left - editing of your photo. The final look of the fruits on your photo depends mostly on your own preferences and editing skills.

Besides the basic adjustments during the editing process, you can make your fruits look better by changing the light, clarity, texture, sharpness and color. You can just pop the color a little bit, or totally change the shade - your imagination is your limitation!

We like to keep our photos as close to natural as possible, but here are a few versions of our frosty berries as examples:

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